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Tada! In Granada

February 1, 2012

The adventure begins! I left Atlanta Tuesday morning on Delta on the emptiest flight I’ve seen in years. There were probably only 20 passengers traveling Atlanta/Managua. In my row there was an older Nicaraguan man who spoke very little English (although he had lived in the US for 22 years it turns out). He is at the window seat, I am in the aisle and across the aisle is Tina, a woman from Idaho.  I am attempting to talk to the guy (Cristobel) and with the help of my Spanish dictionary we seem to be doing okay. As we get ready to leave Atlanta he pats the middle seat and says something like “no one is here”. And I smile and nod in agreement because it will be great not to be crowded.  He immediately moves his jacket to the window seat and sits right next to me in the middle seat for the rest of the flight! Tons of empty seats and I am squished between two people.  So much for the smiling and guessing school of speaking Spanish.

Tina was the woman across the aisle, a writer and photographer, from Idaho and very interesting. We shared my prearranged taxi to Granada and later met for dinner last night.  My B&B is fabulous. Great location and even better host –Helen. She showed Tina and me around town last night and took us to the restaurant, La Hacienda. Amazingly, there I met Darrell and his wife Amy who were the ones who told me about Helen in the first place. They were having dinner there with friends. We all sat outside on the deck, it was beautiful dry, cool weather. So lucky!

Today I am going to look at different schools and meet some of the teachers. I also hope to see what the home stay situations are like. Helen knows of a possible apartment in town that I might rent, so I am considering grabbing that but have not seen it yet. I am in the garden of her home writing as I was up at 530am with the loud birds, but the coffee is on so I will have a cup.


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  1. Claire Foley permalink

    Delighted you arrived safely and it sounds like your already a native. Look forward to the updates. Enjoy your adventure. Hugs Claire


  2. Marty- so excited to read your blog! I will be a loyal fan and reader.
    Enjoy every minute. Love, Maureen


  3. Paulette permalink

    keep the news coming – so much fun and good things already! glad you arrived and had a fun time on the way down there….that Marty Smile and Marty Energy is sure to attract many wonderful people into your life during your adventure and educational experiene. Stay well, my friend!


  4. Harry permalink

    Glad you arrived safely. I hope your mental condition doesn’t run in the family. I don’t want to go off the deep end when I get to your age. The blog is a great idea. Keep it up. Your loving brother.


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