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Friendly Granada People

February 2, 2012

Had a fabulous day yesterday, my first full day in Granada. I went to the bank to get Cordobas (23 cordobas to $1 USD) and then walked around town and to Xalteva Spanish School. I spoke to an administrator about the classes; the entire conversation was in “rudimentary” Spanish.

Then I walked by an apartment project that Helen (my B&B host) told me may have a vacancy and met the owner who just happened to be there delivering something as I walked past. He showed me the apartments which are fabulous, then took me to see his home where I met his wife. After that he gave me a lift to the square and helped me get a local (Movistar) cell phone which cost me all of $15. Since I am here 5 months I need to be able to be reached, so if you in Nicaragua let me know so I can send you my number.

Then we took a tour of Granada and Lake Nicaragua and I tagged along as he ran some errands for the construction project. We ended up at Lake Apoyo which is really a really beautiful blue and is in the crater of an extinct volcano.  I am completely overwhelmed with the kindness of people I have met so far in helping me find what I need to acclimate.

My new friend, Tina, and I had dinner at Garden Café last evening. This morning we met and went to the bus station to see where it is –just a dirt lot. We are taking the bus to Rivas tomorrow, then a ferry from near there to Omotepe which is the largest island in a freshwater lake in the world.  Lake Nicaragua is the 10th largest freshwater lake in the world. While we are on Omotepe we are going to climb a volcano, hopefully the extinct one. Both of them are apparently tough to climb and you are required to have a guide. Good thing I brought sneakers.

So you won’t hear from me again until probably Tuesday when I return to Granada from Omotepe. I will report on how the hiking went and hopefully have news of a place to live as I have to leave my B&B by Thursday!!  Yes, I did come to study Spanish and I am going to do my best to start that next week!!


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  1. Kim permalink

    Marty, Loving this!!!! Safe travels, and have fun.


  2. Claire Foley permalink

    I can picture you hiking, just as you did in South Africa. Hell forget Spanish, enjoy seeing all while you can..39 doesn’t last forever!!!Hugs Claire


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