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February 10, 2012

I left Casa Nekko on Thursday and moved to Casa Sacuanjoche which is about a block closer to the main plaza.  I have a big room with private bath on the second floor. I felt badly for the guy who had to carry my two gigantic suitcases up the VERY steep stairs.  The big difference is being close to many more people and it is loud.

Since I knew I would be there for at least two days (fingers crossed) I found the grocery store, Pila, that another guest told me about and bought some yogurt, granola and beer.  Not for the same meal!  Eating out every meal, even though it is inexpensive, still adds up and it does get old (can’t believe I said that).  This “hostel” has a refrigerator, microwave, hotplate and dishes and silverware for us to use. It is newly renovated and the internet is not yet hooked up, so I have to eat out at least once to use wifi.

I got my first call on my local cell phone and it was the realtor who said if I like the apartment that I am seeing Saturday then I can move in immediately. I WILL like it, even though it does not have windows other than the small ones in the door, because I need a place to settle.  It is only a block and a half from the central plaza and has wifi, microwave, tiny kitchen, hot water in the shower, and a separate loft bedroom. The kitchen is so small that you can shut the doors and it looks like a closet.  Those who know me well will agree that is perfect for me!

Off to my second Spanish lesson with a different teacher.


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