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February 12, 2012

Friday morning I had my second Spanish lesson at the school I thought was terrible and this teacher was great.  Once again, as a trainer, I am reminded that how you deliver the material makes a huge difference. You have to focus on the student, their needs and their way of learning. All the Spanish classes I have found so far in Granada are one on one, no groups. I am going to try the other school I found anyway, starting Monday.  One thing that is so different here is that you don’t have to commit for a long period although you can get a discount if you do so….for anything – where you live, classes, travel, etc.

After class I wandered around and found PURE, a gym and spa. I went in to see about yoga which I would like to start doing here and after the tour asked if they knew anyone who had a place to rent.  They suggested the yellow house two doors down.  So I walk there and yell “hola” in the gate (all the doors in Granada have an iron gate in front of them) and this man says yes he is renting, come in. He is an American (David) so we have a chat and I find that he is renting his whole house which is lovely, but too expensive for my budget.  It also is not available until the first of March although he would rent me a room for two weeks which I will do if I do not take the apartment I see Saturday.  This is what is so crazy about being here. In the US I would never rent a room in the house of a man I did not know, nor would I tour his entire house when I had just met him.  We are all outside our normal environment here and more open to each other which is a good thing.

Then I went with David to see about other rentals (no luck) and to help him pick out paint for the front of his house.  We stopped at a hardware store where I tried to find a flat rubber sink stopper, pretty hilarious because my Spanish is so minimal and they showed me the actual drain hardware which is not what I wanted.  The hardware staff and I had a bunch of laughs and they did some up with something that may work. Improvising is the word of the month!!

I spent a couple hours in a bar close to the hostel to use the internet –another first for me as I do not go into bars alone normally (right June?).  Not having internet is a real challenge for me as I use it both for business and to keep in touch with family/friends. The bar was not very busy, maybe it was too early, which was surprising given that there is an international poet/poems festival here this coming week and I have been told that everything is booked up.  Who knows?


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