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Meditation and Bats

February 17, 2012

Yesterday I had my first meditation session, about 15 minutes. I was much stressed when I arrived as I have been taking classes in the morning and then working on TCN or other issues in the states until evening and sometimes late. This is not what I want to be doing as I want to experience the culture here. I think the session was good as I was calmer but obviously I do not see any major difference as I am just starting. The plan is to do it three times a week to get the hang of it.

After dinner we went to the Poetry Festival poet readings –the winners read, if I understood correctly. After that there were the folkloric dancers which were really what I wanted to see. They were fabulous and the costumes were amazing.  The music was pretty terrific too and it was a cool, slightly breezy night. Just perfect. There were a lot of people filling the main square and it appeared as if they had found every chair in town to set up for the crowd as there were plastic chairs, folding chairs, cane chairs, etc. There were a lot of children who were remarkably good as it was 11p or so when it finished.

Spanish is still terrific. I am working on tenses with one teacher and listening and speaking with the other. He told me today to stop trying to translate every word in my brain and just listen. Even if I don’t understand the words, he says if I will listen that there will be other clues and I will understand. Try telling that to my brain which apparently has to visualize every single word in order to understand it.

My apartment has the bedroom in a loft with circular stairs that is open to the downstairs. Everything else is downstairs-the kitchen, living area and bathroom. The apartment is part of a larger house and the new tenants left their entry light on all night which illuminated my bedroom pretty well –did not make for deep sleep. I got up once to go downstairs and as I am walking down the stairs a bat flew away from them (stairs) and along the wall.  Eeek!  My large windows in the door are open as night as it is warm and I think maybe he flew in through them. They have the gate in front of them and are about six feet up from the floor so people cannot get in, but it does not stop bats apparently. I hope he flew out and will not visit again. I would not normally see anything flying around as it is quite dark in the house and I now usually use my new REI flashlight to go downstairs. This happened after I slipped off a step one night because I could not tell where it was and nearly killed myself.  Still have the bruises and am glad I was hanging on to the railing.

My maid, Isabel, who is an incredible gem, told me she would leave a note for the tenants so I hope to have a dark night where I cannot see anything unless it is in the beam of the flashlight! More on Isabel tomorrow.


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