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Ask first, smile, try to speak, act it out, allow plenty of time, smile some more!

February 22, 2012

After Spanish class today I got my first every foreign haircut. It was with much trepidation that I did this, but I was desperate because it has been six weeks since my long time (20+ years) hairdresser, Victor, (l’Elegance on Newbury St.) had cut my hair. He understands my hair which is actually thick and curly, but does not look like it. He told me not only to ask them to cut it half an inch but to texturize it (thin it). I did not have a lot of faith that I was going to be able to make that understood. If you ever have to get a haircut and you barely speak the language, here is what to do. Ask everyone you know, meet, and see to recommend a good hairdresser. Pick one of them based on references from these people. Ask a native language speaker to tell you what to say and to spell it for you and write it down. If they do not know what you mean, ask other people how to describe it or ask them to ask other people. This is what happened to me because no one in the group at my school knew how to say texturize but they found someone who did.

Then take your paper to the hairdresser, do your best in Spanish (and a little English), show with your hands, smile, repeat. It worked, here is a photo and it basically looks as it usually does right after I have it cut –short! The bangs are shorter than normal so I know next time to be clearer about that area. I need to figure out how to say bangs so if you know please tell me. (Apologies for the cheesy picture, I am no good at taking my own photo.)

Most important – smile, use whatever Spanish words you know and smile more!! Success! And I made a new friend –Letty, who cut my hair is the owner and has had her shop for 30 years. She was very friendly, spoke slowly for me and I told her I would see her again the end of March.

When I got home I asked Isabel about how and where to get a ticket to Costa Rica. I do not know what I would do without her, because I learned that you have to buy the ticket ahead of the trip, not the day of the trip as I thought. She told me where the bus station was and I will walk there tomorrow. I have to wait because I asked her for the best way to say what I need and she was not sure about “one-way” but has a friend who goes there a lot and knows about the tickets. I am going to Tamarindo, Costa Rica for a week to visit my friend Judy who is already there.

I plan to take the Tica Bus (a Mercedes coach) to Liberia, CR and then take a local bus to Tamarindo and then a taxi if need be. If there is no local bus I will just take a taxi from Liberia. It is about 75 miles away, maybe 90 minutes but taxis are very reasonable here (guessing $20USD). We shall see. I will let you know how it is to take this trip on both public transportation and private transfer as I am returning as far as Rivas, Nicaragua by private transfer. Then I am probably getting on the chicken bus again to get back to Granada. At least I won’t have much to carry as this is a beach resort so just swim suits and casual clothes!  (the pool photo is where the bat was swimming)


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  1. Linda Tamulaites permalink

    You did better than I did getting a haircut. I have been going to the same place (real inexpensive, cheap) a few times but always pop in and take whomever is available.

    Well, last time this lady just could not get it. All I wanted was a trim but it was a bit shaggy. Just wanted wispy in the back, cut over the ears and wisps in front of the ears. She said she couldn’t do it, did I want someone else. I said no because I had already been there earlier but didn’t have enough time to wait. So she rolled her eyes at me and sighed heavily. I was going to get furious with her but decided to humor her. The haircut came out ok but luckily when I went this week she was no where to be seen and I got a very pleasant person. So it’s not the Spanish that is the problem it is getting the haircut. It is a universal problem.

    Love your blogs as does Irene. Have fun……Linda


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