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Costa Rica was an Adventure

March 6, 2012

Once I finally got into Costa Rica and arrived at Judy’s condo in Tamarindo, the fun began immediately. The next morning we were picked up early to be driven to Canyon de la Vieja where we were to go zip lining, river rafting, and soak in the hot springs and mud baths

(The photo on the right shows Herman in the light blue shirt. He is the German chef who helped me cross the border into Costa Rica. The man in the hat is a Canadian named Conrad who runs a cycle rental business in CR.)

First was zip lining which was a ton of fun even though I am afraid of heights. I even did the “Superwoman” zip line on one run. This is where you look like Superwoman flying. You and one of the guides have to do it together. I was in front in my harness and he was immediately behind me in his harness. I leaned horizontally and hooked my legs behind him. As we took off I had to let go and spread my arms as if I were flying. It was okay until the hill dropped off into a ravine and it was a looong way down!! As we came into the platform I was sure I was going to smash my head and I was screaming No, No, No! but I missed it! Whew, what a thrill.

River rafting was even MORE fun. We were in two man kayaks and we each had an experienced river guide in the back. We had a paddle and sat in the front but were instructed to raise our hands and the paddle whenever we hit rapids. I think this was so that we did not tip over the kayak by doing the wrong thing. There were only two of us who never fell out; everyone else did at least once. We swam in the river –the Rio Colorado, and we went over two falls, one a six foot drop. What a blast!! The hot springs and mud baths were not working??? What the heck does that mean? We were never clear on that but as a group decided to skip any additional sightseeing and return to Tamarindo. It was a great day despite the black and blue marks on my thighs.

The rest of the week was much calmer and was spent at the gorgeous beach across from the condo or at the pool. I did have a falling accident where I scraped up my arm moving a chair at the pool, nothing major. Tamarindo was a bit of a price shock after living in Nicaragua for a month. The prices are much closer to the U.S. and it is quite possible to get by easily without speaking Spanish. All the service people speak some English and the prices are generally quoted in Colones and in USD.

Our final night, Judy and I went to the beach to watch the sunset and listen to a live band at a beach bar –sipping margaritas. It was great. These guys looked like they landed there in the sixties and never left. Then we have a huge bowl of delicious seafood soup for dinner. We ate and drank exactly the same thing. I mention that because that night I became deathly ill, lost everything I had eaten finally, but still was incredibly nauseous and had bad pains in my stomach. After no sleep, we got up at 330am for our transfer to Nicaragua. I could not keep my head up and after being picked up in a van, I lay on the back seat holding a plastic bag for emergencies. I only got up when we had to go through the border crossing experience as they have to look at you. I swear this van had no working shocks! I finally was delivered to my apartment at noon and crept in and went to bed. It must have been food poisoning, but it took me 24 hours to be able to function at all and Judy was fine. I think I will stay in Nicaragua for a while!

My new friend Tina, who I met on the plane, arrived that night and stayed with me three days. After I recovered a bit, for her last night she treated us to a lovely meal at Encuentros which is a new restaurant in Granada and expensive for here. The setting, food and waiter (Luis) were outstanding. We had Moroccan chicken and couscous and a fabulous beet and cucumber salad. It is located half a block off the main square in a colonial building. What a great way to end her visit


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  1. Harry permalink

    Sounds like fun!! Were you on Spring Break from your spanish school?


    • Hahahaha, I sure was and I took this week off too b/c I was sick and am now going to Masaya Thursday and Friday. Bad student!


  2. Marty-
    So glad you are feeling better. What an adventure you are having. You are one strong chic.
    Sending you love from Boston.


  3. Linda Tamulaites permalink

    What a time!!!! Did you travel back on the private transfer with someone since you said “we” got up at 3:30 to travel back. Why did you decide to go Tica bus one way and private transfer back to Nicaragua? Those (the details) are the things that confuse me both in the US and outside.

    Can just see you zipping over those lines. Fun, fun…..Linda


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