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March 17, 2012

This week has been extremely hard!  I did not have reliable internet from the time I returned from Masaya on Saturday until Thursday night. Those of you who know me well will understand I was slightly hysterical about this. I have been called a workaholic and my work is mostly on the internet. Obviously this is especially true when I am thousands of miles away from my clients and candidates!

I had no idea why, but thought it was because of a router/modem issue as I could sporadically get email on my computer but could not get on the web nor (and most importantly) VPN in to my server which handles all my Travel Career Network mail.

I contacted GPS who is the management company that oversees my apartment and the big house and they sent Calvin who is an American living here and has a strong IT background.  He worked on it and finally thought it was because of Claro the internet provider. So I wait another day—lots of waiting here in Granada! It was still not working, very stressful as I cannot contact people who are interviewing. To add to the day, the water was off for six hours. This happens frequently, but usually for one or two hours at a time.

Finally GPS sends Armando (arrives 2 hours late) who works for Claro and I have to rent a modem from him to plug directly in to the cable outlet and to my computer. Unbelievably this does NOT fix the issue. I am ripping my hair out! Armando returns the next night, this time 2 ½ hours late and with his 4 ½ year old daughter. It is 815pm! Still no luck with different modems. I send him home because the child is tired and work on it till 1am but still nothing! To add to this Armando speaks little English and I speak little Spanish so communicating about an IT issue was a challenge. We tried!

I am ready to give up on this and move because my computer works perfectly over at Casa Gallo. I ask for Calvin again and he returns Thursday afternoon  and spends 3 hours and finally finds that my computer is the issue. It has somehow gotten corrupted and he restored it to an earlier point –thank you Win 7- and it worked. That and the fact that the internet was sporadic was the problem. An hour after that repair the electricity went out for two hours, so I could not work anyway as it was dark.

I left the apartment to go to Casa Gallo for dinner, but forgot my flashlight and I got lost on the way as I was going to the market for some wine to take with me. What should have taken 25 minutes took about 45 minutes and a few stressful moments walking down pitch black streets not knowing for sure where I was.  We had a great dinner and the lights came back on while we were eating so it all ended well. Internet, good food, wine and fabulous friends -not in that order!


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