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I am moving….again!

April 1, 2012

Sunday I move to Casa Nekko from my cute apartment in the heart of Granada. Casa Nekko is the home where I rented a room when I first arrived in Granada. I am renting the entire house which includes two rental units – each is a large bedroom with attached bath.  One of these rooms is occupied with a friend of the owner. The young woman is a Nica and speaks a little English, but mostly Spanish, so I will have someone to practice my language with when she is home.  Helen, the owner, says that she is rarely there as she works several jobs and is a law student. The other bedroom is not occupied unless I have a guest!  There are other occupants …a year old dog, and 3 or 4 cats.

I am sad to leave my apartment as I have loved it here and the owner has been great to me when he is here. The big house, Casa Consulado, has a generator so last week when the electricity was off all day due to a protest,

he allowed me to use his internet to make an important business call. This was a countrywide electrical outage caused by electrical contractors cutting cable because they want more money.  Even though the bat and the giant mariposa (butterfly) have visited me this past month, the

apartment is lovely and I have really been happy there. It is getting hotter now and I will be happy to have a garden and a pool at Casa Nekko. March to May is summer here in Central America. The seasons are different than at home.

Carlos, a taxi driver who has picked up friends from the Managua airport and had driven us on local tours, will pick me and my luggage (and assorted food items) up at 10am and drive us the six blocks to the new house.  Carlos speaks English which is a huge plus. He will be picking up my oldest daughter and granddaughter this Monday so I am moving to a bigger place just in time. Helen leaves earlier the same day and I can move into large, open bedroom immediately. I am really excited.

The house is in two parts.  I took some photos when I when I was there earlier this week. The sala is the big room right off the street –kind of like a formal living room. Behind that is the very large kitchen –she loves to cook, but it is somewhat wasted on me. Next to it is the dining room and at the back of this area are a TV area, another sitting area, and a half bath.  This part is all one big open area, no walls.

There is an open air but ironwork “wall” which opens onto the garden, and a palapa which is a thatched roof open air sitting area. On the other side of that is another structure that contains the bedrooms, the two “rental units” and Helen’s large bedroom above them on the second level. Behind this building is the pool and washing area and the back fence. There are high walls all around the property.

Once I am there I will tell you more, but it is a very different situation for me than I have been in.  It is a relatively new structure, kind of a modified colonial with the very tall cane ceilings, fans, and rooms open to the outside. After summer comes the cooler rainy season (starts sometime in May) and since the bedrooms are separated from the main house I asked Helen how to get to the house without getting wet. The answer…use an umbrella. Easy!


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