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New digs!

April 2, 2012

My new casa is fabulous.  So roomy, airy and comfortable. I am 3 blocks south and 2 blocks east (toward the lake) of the cathedral and central park. Even though I am farther out of the main area than I was in my apartment (1 ½ blocks west of park) it is noisier. My previous street was very quiet at night and here it is louder with music and people noises, along with roosters and dogs and the loudest birds you have ever heard. Why roosters are crowing all day and all night (even at 1030pm) is beyond me. I thought they just did that when the sun came up –must be a myth!!

I love the house and especially my bedroom. It is large and very open with windows covering most of two walls. The bathroom and closet area is immediately behind this room (actually is it just a dividing partition and open at the top). The ceilings are high and made of cane, and have the requisite ceiling fan. Off the bathroom area is a small deck that looks down at the pool. In front is a porch that overlooks the garden.

Helen has 3 cats (actually there are 4 but I have never seen one of them) and a dog. Last night the dog, who spends her night in the garden area, dug up a flower bed and there is dirt and flowers all over my porch this morning. That is one of the cats on the bed, he/she? slept with me last night.

Here is a photo of a “suicide shower” which I don’t have in my bedroom, but the two rental units do. It is an electrical contraption that you put on the water spigot for the shower and it heats the water. I am not sure how they work but they can be dangerous. I almost electrocuted myself on a broken one in Cuzco, Peru a couple of years ago so I never touch them. My new shower is only cold water, which sounds horrible, but isn’t really cold, just room temperature. The water in most of the homes here is only “cold water”, even in the kitchen so you wash dishes and yourself in unheated water.

I am going to walk to Pali, one of the markets, to get some things for lunch. My daughter and granddaughter will be here in a few hours. They are visiting for one week. This week is Semana Santa which is the celebration of the week prior to Easter.  Almost everything is closed Thursday to Sunday so we will be sightseeing a lot early in the week.Nicaragua is overwhelmingly Catholic and religious holidays are celebrated in style. Yesterday, Palm Sunday, I heard fireworks all day long.


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