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Frogs and transportation

April 13, 2012

This morning I went to flush the toilet (yes, after I used it) and there was a small black frog in the bowl hanging on for dear life as the water swirled around him. I couldn’t believe it! I am on the second floor, how did a frog get in my toilet?  It took me three flushes and a big glass of water poured directly on him to get him down the drain. Very unnerving!  Guess I better look before I sit.

Many Nicaraguans ride bicycles around Granada.  It is a relatively small city and they are economical. Gas is about $5+ per gallon.  What is fascinating is how they ride them. Often someone is pedaling and one or two people are on the crossbars or standing on pieces of metal stuck in the rear wheel.  One night I saw a family zooming down Calle Atravasada –the main commercial street.  The father was pedaling; the mother was on the crossbar with their baby nursing as they traveled. Multitasking at its finest.

Other people transport chairs, tables, building supplies, food, etc. as they bike through town.  Sometimes the load is so large you cannot see the person, just a pile of boxes on a bike. They also drive motor scooters/bikes around. Apparently there is a law that the driver has to wear a helmet as you often see the man driving and wearing a helmet and the family piled on with no protection.  Yesterday there was a family with the mother behind the man and holding two kids – facing the opposite directions so that it appeared to be a person with two sets of legs.

There is a man about town who travels in a wheelchair. Not that unusual except that he has a white plastic porch chair perched inside the wheelchair and sits in that instead of the wheelchair seat.

Then there are the truck/buses. These are pickup trucks with a railing around them but they are really local buses. You climb on and stand in the back until you get to where you are going. I am not sure how the driver knows where to stop as I only used one once and it was on the highway and we stopped once we got to the ferry.

The bus system between towns is frequent but can be very slow. There are the “chicken” buses which are old school buses painted bright colors and then there are buses that carry around fifteen people(if everyone was seated which they never are) and are like large mini-vans.  The only “regular” bus I saw was Trans Nica when I went to Costa Rica, which was like a Greyhound bus in the US. You had an assigned seat and put your luggage underneath the bus in a compartment and no one stood. Normally the bus in completely packed with people, even between cities. I don’t think there are any internal to the city buses in Granada.


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  1. Harry permalink

    Soooo…. The frog probably came up through the toilet. You flushed it back down where it’s going to find all sorts of bugs to eat, grow big and mean. Soon it will be coming back to get it’s revenge. Keep that in mind!!!


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