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“Now the real work starts!”

April 16, 2012

Boy that hit the nail on the head as they say. I am feeling a bit down and alone since my family and friends have all returned to the US.  Ever since I arrived on February 1st I have had new and old friends or family to do things with and now most everyone I know is gone.  It is back to reality for them.  For me, it is the harsh reality of not knowing many people, and not knowing anyone well enough to feel comfortable calling them up and asking them to do something.

I was “chatting” on the internet with a friend (a great distraction) and when I said I was a little lonely, he said “now the real work starts”. It is the truth – at least for me. I came here with one goal in mind, to learn Spanish and that is my real work. I have not been concentrating on that goal for the past two and a half months.  I have been having fun, experiencing the culture and even taking Spanish lessons and making some progress.  But I have not immersed myself in speaking Spanish every possible opportunity, nor have I studied diligently.

Now is the time!

There are plenty of remedies for this feeling of isolation and I know I could reach out and contact some people I have met in the past two months.  Just as I have to take the initiative to study and practice speaking Spanish, I have to get outside my comfort zone and initiate contact with other people. I teach this, I believe it; let’s see how it works in a new environment.


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