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Random thoughts in April

April 21, 2012

Saw a piñata making shop with many different kinds – red fire trucks, stars, big round ones etc. Then saw a little girl carrying a pink piñata cartoon character shopping with her mom.

A man was driving his horse and wooden cart down the main street talking on his cell phone. New technology and traditional transportation-so typical of Granada.

An older French expat “hippie” sells his bread door to door on Saturday. It is excellent – wheat, corn, sweet bread with nuts and raisins, and cake.  So hard to find good bread here that I am thrilled to know of him. $3usd/per loaf.

Life is very different living and working in a place versus traveling to a place.  Intellectually I know this and my first two months in Nicaragua were really traveling not living, even though I often said to my friends “I am not on vacation, I am living here for six months”. This was generally said when invited to do the more expensive activities or dining. I knew I was here long-term, but only now do I understand that means doing the day-to-day work of studying, working TCN and even cooking.  At least I do not have to clean!

There is so much poverty here.  Life has to be hard without running water, electricity, a refrigerator, stove, little food and only a few sets of clothes. Most people do look clean and neat. I don’t know how they do it; it is so hot that they must bathe but water is not reliable. These circumstances are not the extreme, but very common among the working class. They do not own appliances we take for granted, and electricity (when it is on) is very expensive.  Many people just buy ice from big blocks of ice to keep their food cold.

Oatmeal is usually made into a drink rather than a thick cereal as we do. I was told people often mix oatmeal with water and give it to their children for dinner because they have no milk.  Or they mix ground corn meal and water for the kids to drink, again because they cannot afford milk.

Many young girls are pregnant because of the lack of information and protection. This is probably because the Catholic Church and the government are intertwined.  They either don’t know to or do not have the money to get protection; they get pregnant and have babies in their mid teens.  At least they usually continue in school until the baby is born.

I have wasted a lot of time (in the words of one of my teachers) by not sticking with a structure of learning Spanish.  I jumped from one thing to another to another.  I am starting over with a focus on learning verbs. Wish he had said this earlier!

All types of things are offered for sale constantly.  In every available space whether it is the front room of your home (as these toilets show) or the sidewalk on the main street. Tonight I ate a nacatamal for dinner. They were made in someone’s home and then they sell them door to door or at a stand or you can call them and they will bring them to your house.


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