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Cats are the same, dogs are not

April 26, 2012

Cats are the same here as in the US. Different types, colors, dispositions-at least among the four that live at my house.  You rarely see them on the street. Maybe that is because of the plethora of dogs on the street.

The owner of my house (who is away now) has four cats, I believe they are all rescue cats. I know for sure the light grey one who limps is. He is the only male (they are all neutered) and was living on the roofs around her house. Maybe that is why you rarely see cats as the strays are on the roof. He has something wrong with one of his back legs and limps badly, he also has a tear in one ear. She said she fed him and it took two months before he would let her touch him.  He is still very skittish and it took two weeks before I could pet him and even now it depends on his mood. This week he has decided he likes sleeping close to me which I am not crazy about. He and one of the calico cats live in my bedroom because they are afraid of the dog who likes to chase them.

There is one small grey female who is very friendly and lives in the main living area of the house. She rarely comes to the back where the structure with the bedrooms is. She and the dog play together a lot and she is totally unafraid. There is a calico cat who comes only at night to eat and/or sleep on top of the refrigerator or the cupboards. I can pet her but she never stays around for long and has always been that way. The owner had to catch her in a special feral cat trap to take her to be neutered.

Then there is this very loving female calico cat that lives in the bedroom with the grey male cat.  She has been friendly since I moved in and sleeps in the bed with me because that is what she is used to.  She is very afraid of the dog and won’t go into the main house as all of the other cats do on occasion. She is the one who bats my cheek a couple of times around 5am every morning. It doesn’t hurt but it does wake me up and I tell her “no” and she leaves me alone-usually. The owner apparently gets up around this time – not me, I don’t care how many times you wake me up!

The dog, Jacky, is a female about 9 months old.  She looks like all the other dogs here.  They are thin, long-legged, and have ears that flop over. Their color is usually tan or a darker brown with white like Jacky. Their fur is very short and tight, like a dachshund. The are tons of these same dogs on the street with  no apparent owners. Some are taller, shorter, most are thin and most of the females are pregnant or nursing. They eat leftovers or garbage. There is garbage pickup here and the bags of trash get opened by the dogs before the garbage people arrive. But they all look basically the same.  Yes, I have seen other dogs and even some breeds I recognize, but the majority of dogs look like Jacky. I don’t have any idea what kind of breed that might have originally been. They are generally very docile.

We all get along well, along with the other wildlife like the geckos that live in my room.  Better than the bats as the apartment! The worst that has happened was when the cats killed a bird by the pool and brought one of its feet into my room. That was gross, but typical of cats everywhere!


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  1. Stefan permalink

    I think what you are seeing with the dogs are natural dogs. It is what happens without selective breeding, they trend back toward their natural state from the abominations humans have created. 🙂


  2. Harry permalink

    And you were worried about making friends after everyone left.


  3. Right!! I have friends with fur on them.


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