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Bootleg, Parrots, Fruits

April 29, 2012

On the main commercial street in Granada – Calle Atravasada-you hear loud music blaring and TVs going full blast.  I found out these are the stands that sell bootleg DVDs and CD.  You have your choice of current movies and music for about $1usd a purchase. Many of the movies are in English which is great for me.  We are not talking old, out of date movies or music,  they are up to the minute.  Not sure how this works (but the warning “for SAG viewers only” gave me a clue)?!

There are parrots everywhere.  At cafes in their gardens, some extremely loud ones in the kitchen of Kathy’s Waffle House, on private balconies and in yards. On the island of Omotepe there was a parrot in a tree who appeared to be wild but he was actually a pet. He must have had his wings clipped since he hung around. He said “Hola” and then gave this unbelievably human sounding laugh.  I can hear them from my room, they are making a wolf whistle and then talking, although I cannot understand them as they are not that close.

So many kinds of fruits, so many fruits I have never heard of nor tasted.  Our maid, Maria, brought me a guanaba last week.  It is green with spikes on it.  Papayas are huge and orange and kind of dented. There are mangoes of course, and pineapple. Every week Maria buys me a pineapple and cuts it up for me and I have it all week either fresh or in a smoothie.  A very prevalent fruit at this time of year is the jocote which looks somewhat like a plum. Last week I ate tamarind, banana (smaller than ours), and mandarina (size and taste of an orange, but skin like a tangerine).  Lots of watermelon and cantaloupe. Many avocados and limes (they are called limons here but they are small and green). I think I ate a sapote which is greyish on the outside and reddish orange inside and very, very sweet. I have fruit of some kind every day whether in a drink, a smoothie or a bowl. Yum!

Here is an interesting building in the block next to my house. It is a bright pink with writing all over it and generally there are a lot of young people hanging around.  It is a Sandinista headquarters for Granada.  You can see the initials FSLN on the right hand side in the heart. This stands for Sandinista National Liberation Front, a socialist political party in Nicaragua and the one in control now.  The president of Nicaragua is Daniel Ortega, a Sandinista.

Here is the outside of my house (I posted photos of the inside under New Digs!).  It is the green wall with two black doors (those are actually the gates) to the left of the bright blue house.  Look at the inside photos and then at the outside and I think you will agree you just cannot tell anything about the houses from the street!


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