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June 24, 2012

This week I had a tough day.  The home owner left her room mid-day and I had to move my stuff back upstairs and do laundry (well I did not have to but the empleada (maid) is 7 1/2 months pregnant and I wanted to help her out a little.) So I spent a couple of hours walking up and down the stairs carrying handfuls of clothes and toiletries and putting them away.  I don’t have that much, but it took a long time and it was hot. Then I did a tiny bit of work – not near enough. In between I had to run outside and get the laundry off the line because it was raining off and on. Then I fed the cats and the dog who promptly peed in the living room (it is tile).

I went up to my room to find paper to write a note to Esmeralda, who lives here with me and is in charge of the house, and there was a $#%*! BAT in my room.  I got a broom and a towel, tried to catch it and it kept getting away from me. It was mostly on the floor but it could fly. I thought they flew all the time so of course I figured it is probably sick and has rabies. And intends to bite me.

Then I lost it, could not find it anywhere; hoping it left……..hahahahaha-what a joke.  I turned out some lights and finally found it on top of the TV.  I threw the towel over it but it leaped off the side of the TV onto the floor again, then started hopping across the floor.  I tried the towel trick again – it got out from under it again and kept going. So I threw the TV cover thing (which was a heavy damask like material) over it and tried to pick it all up. I could not tell where the bat was under all that and figured it would escape again. So I used the broom and pushed the whole pile of bat, towel, TV cover, out the door onto the steps. Then I gingerly lifted the cover.  The bat flexed its wings, walked a few steps and flew off into a tree.

No photos of this escapade because I was petrified the whole time. There are fruit bat AND vampire bats in Nicaragua and I don’t know what this was.  Eek! The pior two nights I had a 5 inch fat worm or something (acted like a snake) in my shower. Then my shower broke and sprayed water all over the bathroom.  The hose thing that causes the water to come out the shower head kept popping off so until it could be fixed I had to shower with one hand holding it on. Quite the trick as it was at least six feet in the air.  You can understand why I was excited to get upstairs where it was drier and the shower worked. Then as I was moving there was a huge (at least 1 1/2 inch) spider or tarantula or whatever on my nightstand. I did not kill it because it ran off under the bed.

Some days are NOT fun and NOT fascinating.


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