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Routine in Granada

August 9, 2012

Back in Granada and into a routine. Funny how your home away from home is less of a vacation than a visit “home”. One great thing in both the US and Granada is that I have friends who are good cooks!

I brought a big suitcase with clothes and other items for Nica friends including the animals.  Jacky, the dog, does not know how to play and Julio, the part time  gardener, tried to teach her. The cats who live in my room,  had no trouble playing with the little balls and toys I brought them.

The maid, Maria, had her baby, a girl, the end of July and we got a lovely substitute maid named Gabriela. In Nicaragua you have to pay your household help for 3 months maternity leave as well as pay whomever replaces them.

I had a lot of fun giving away the clothes and cameras and an iPod which regrettably decided to stop working completely. If you know how to fix the wheel on an iPod please email me. The wheel won’t turn and I think you have to open it up to repair it. So bummed.

I know I said I settled into a routine, but what I meant was as much of a routine as it gets in Nicaragua. I went to look at some houses I may rent with my friend Judy next February. I did see a couple promising ones. Along the way I saw this horse and her baby just eating grass along the street.  No tie downs, just hanging out. Seems to be the norm here.

Then on the way back I was walking down the street and ahead was a small herd of cattle in the middle of the street. As I watched, the traffic slowed as they tried to get around them. What? I guess they had to get across town and that was the shortest distance?


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  1. I always love reading about your adventures Marty…keep it up! I’ve been to Grenada once and brought back some of the most incredible cinnamon sticks and nutmeg (that I still use to this day). Not sure if their spice industry every came back after Hurricane Ivan, but hope it did.


  2. Haha! I just realized that you’re talking about Granada, Nicaragua of course…duh!


    • Thanks for reading Jill, so great to hear from you. I find it to be a common mistake, Grenada(island)vs Granada (city). I try to say Granada, Nicaragua but often forget. Love your blog, so genuine and interesting!


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