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Nica Friends and Food

August 11, 2012

I am moving once again as the owner of the house where I have been living is returning to Granada. Before I go, here is a look at some of my Nica friends and the food they have prepared for us.

Maria, the maid, was expecting her third child the entire time I have lived here. She has a wonderful warm disposition and she would go to the open air market and buy fruits and vegetables for me. Occasionally she would make fruit juice and she always cut up my pineapple. Delicious!

When she had her baby girl the end of July, her sister-in-law, Gabriela, came to work for us until Maria’s return from maternity leave. She is just as nice and one day she brought her youngest daughter, Maria Gabriela, who is one year old with her.

Gaby, Maria and Esmeralda who is the house administrator and lives here as well, made various Nica food for me while I lived here. Here are photos of some of them. The bowl contains chicken, rice, vegetables and the plate is plantains.  Plate is breakfast-eggs and gallo pinto (beans and rice).They did not cook this one(in the bowl) but Maria had to eat it to improve her blood count – I will spare you the details.

I took a tiny bite, no more! Esmeralda made these. They are banana fritters, Vigaron, and tostadas.

I eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and “huevos de patio” which means eggs from the yard-it seems everyone has their own chickens in the garden who run freely. And roosters who crow day and night -all night, loudly!

Here we are enjoying the food.

Sometimes I go out to the many great restaurants in Granada with friends.


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