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Moving – final time!

August 13, 2012

My final month here in Granada and I have moved again. The owner of the large house where I was living has returned and I moved to a different house  only one block off the Central Parque. Also just a block from the outdoor market – see the umbrellas in the middle of the street. Casa Arcos Azules – Blue Arches.

Each home I have lived in has been different.This one is a three bedroom, 3 bath house build in the colonial style with two small gardens and a fountain.  It seems more familiar in its style than the other two. Not that I have ever had a house with the middle open to the sky!

The two bedrooms on the second floor are available for rent and I am in one of them. It is big, open and airy and I have my desk in front of an open double door that opens onto a balcony overlooking the garden. If I look straight out I see the terra-cotta roof tiles on all the buildings near by.  I love that look.

I have the use of the kitchen, TV area, sala (living room) and laundry.  Right now there are no other tenants, so just the landlady and me – lots of space.

The remarkable thing about this house is that although it is a couple blocks closer to the busy area of town it is actually much quieter than my other house. I think it is because my room is between other buildings and because there are no crowing roosters or partying neighbors.

This is my last home for this year’s stay in Nicaragua and I am enjoying my time here.  This time with two dogs, no cats, no roosters and so far, no bats.


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