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R.I.P. Jacky

August 15, 2012

My friend, Jacky, went to doggy heaven yesterday. I lived with Jacky these past four and a half months while her owner was away. She was a young street dog that the owner had adopted after someone rescued her.

Jacky was quite thin and energetic and very uncoordinated. She loved to chase cats!  In fact that was really the only time you could say she played. She was just crazy about cats and could not resist chasing them which did cause some problems as there were four cats living in the house too. I brought her toys but she never would play with them, her focus was cats!

The main thing about Jacky was her enthusiasm. She would run like crazy and then would be unable to stop and slide into things or kind of fall over. The floors are very slippery here as they are tile and even the patio was made of slippery stones. She was like a gangling teenager who grew too fast.  She had long legs and when she walked she almost pranced like a horse.

In retrospect maybe those were symptoms of her trouble. I am not sure what was wrong, but it was a problem with her brain that caused her to lose control of her body and she finally was unable to walk.

Yesterday she went to a big garden in the sky where she can chase cats to her heart’s content.

I miss her!


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