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Hipica in Granada

August 20, 2012

Hipica is a parade of beautiful horses. It lasts three or four hours and winds through the streets of Granada mid day. It is hot (86F & 74% humidity) for both the horses and the riders who apparently try to cool off with lots of beer. That is just Granada, it is hot here! I have been here seven months and I think there were only one or two days that I wasn’t hot. I love it hot, but it can be too much.

By the time the horses get to the main part of town it is around 3pm. I went out earlier to see if they were coming since I missed a big part of the carnaval last night. They weren’t, just tons of cars and people getting ready. Lots of food, trinkets, hats, sunglasses etc. Most offerings were brought to you although there were a few stationary stands.

There was a huge variety of riders and horses in the parade. I took so many photos that my camera battery died and I missed photographing a lot of the most beautiful horses as they came later in the procession. Most are Andalusian horses, also known as pure Spanish horses. Andalusia is the southernmost area of Spain. They are quite tall and beautifully proportioned. Several of them were taller at the shoulders than the top of my head.

They do special steps down the street, a kind of cross between prancing and dancing. And they often do this sideways, across the street rather than facing forward. It must take a lot of training.

What totally amazed me is the horse’s calm amid the chaos. There were incredibly loud speakers with DJs and music. Across from me the songs played included very loud neighing in them!  There were bands that tried to play over the music and sometimes succeeded and just general shouting and the chaos of hundreds of people. Add to this that by late afternoon many people were well lubricated as they had been drinking since morning.

More thoughts and photos to come.


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