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Random August

August 26, 2012

Random sights while walking around Granada. The jugglers are in front of the Mime and Comedy building.

Some interesting chairs at a restaurant on Calle Calzada. They are made of wood.

A barber shop. 

An auto showroom inside the building.

Take your pick, do you need a motorcycle,a stove, a washing machine etc.?  We have it here.  

How about a watch? You can take your pick right here on the sidewalk.

How to stay cool while selling your wares on the sidewalk or in the street. It is always hot in Granada!

Two photos of the house we are renting for the month of February 2013. It has a small pool, colonial setup, and a great view.

The repairman fixing the flashing on the roof of my house-taken from my room. I was petrified watching him, no safety equipment at all.

Grama which is make from something that looks like grass, you boil it then add lemon and cinnamon. Tastes something like lemon ice tea.

And Pitaya juice, made from the beautiful red pitaya fruit, it tastes as good as it looks! 


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  1. Love all the colors!


  2. haha my friend can juggle knifes!! (blunt ones though 😉 ) i can only juggle two things… lol


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