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Granada Friends

September 2, 2012

Just a few days left in Granada.  The band at the school across the street is playing as it does every afternoon. I am in my room on my computer as I am every afternoon. I am thinking about the friends I have made here.

My first friend was the house cleaner at Casa Consulado when I rented that first small apartment in the front of the large gorgeous colonial home.  Isabel came every day for an hour to clean it up and it needed it as it was right on the street and very dusty. She spoke quite a lot of English and was a huge help to me learning such Spanish basics as the alphabet and common words. She just visited me recently and I have met her daughter, Marcella.

My Spanish tutor is from the town of Masaya. Flavia, has been both a great teacher and a wonderful friend.  She has educated me in the culture and the history of Nicaragua. She also took the bus to Managua with me and helped me take a taxi to my appointment. That may sound simple, but believe me it is not and can actually be dangerous, especially for a gringa. She has offered to give me internet lessons on Skype so I don’t lose my Spanish while I am in the states.

My friend who managed the big house that I lived in for four months is Esmeralda.  She is a law student and works cleaning houses. Plus she sells personal items to friends and acquaintances. She is always busy but makes time to talk and help me with my Spanish. She also speaks some English. Esme has offered to keep some of my things here in Granada as my plan is to return for a few months next year. She loves dogs and took care of Jacky at my old house. Here she is with Luna who lives in the house I live in now.

Muriele was the house cleaner at Casa Gallo where my friends stayed. She studied tourism in college and took English classes at night and she now works in reception at Hotel Colon, a beautiful hotel on the main square. What a great success story in a country with high unemployment.

Maria was the house cleaner at the big house until she had her baby daughter the end of July.  She was unbelievable patient with me learning Spanish and taught me my favorite saying. “Poco a poco”, little by little; referring to how we learn another language. Here she is with her older daughter holding the new baby and her six-year-old son.

Julio is Maria’s younger brother and he lived with Esmeralda and me in the big house most of the time. He was our protector.  Julio is a wonderful young man, 22 years old and a university student. He is also an excellent cook it seems – a surprise to me until I ate his cannelloni. Delicious!

I have expat Canadian and US friends too and am grateful for the times we have shared while speaking English. We have had great meals together in the wonderful restaurants in Granada and even taken some fun trips together.  Here are just a few of them, the fun always involves eating! 

This time has been an incredible experience although it is very different than I had imagined.  I am so glad  I have this blog to share it with my friends and anyone who is interested in living in a new culture.


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  1. Linda Tamulaites permalink


    What a time you have had. Are you going to be able to stand the Old USA after all you excitement? Guess, there are pluses and minuses to everything.

    I have been on the Cape for the last week. Reminds me of the times we spent here on holiday weekends.

    Have a safe trip home and I hope to see you more in 2013 than in 2012. Take care and thanks for the blogs.LT


    • Hi LT, I am excited to be back in the USA and plan on resuming my Spanish study in Nicaragua next January for a few more months. We had a blast down there on the Cape, I am envious. Enjoy it!


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