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September 5, 2012

My final pedicure with Eneda who does her work in my living room.  She is the one who started this pedicure business and now I am hooked. Note the subdued polish for Boston.

The sunsets have been gorgeous recently. This one is from the balcony off my bedroom.

The next one is right before a huge storm. This time of year there are frequently thunderstorms in the evening with heavy rain and often lightning and thunder. They rarely last more than an hour. Here are some more I liked.

As I walked by the pinata making shop they had put the molds out to dry on the sidewalk. Inside were the finished products.

My friend, Carol, gives workshops to teachers and librarians on creative methods to work with the children and each other. The schools are always blue and white and are very stark. The teachers I have observed are enthusiastic about learning new methods and very participatory.

This is a school in a town called Diriomo that is set up to teach practical skills. The students here learn about agriculture and already have a working farm. They will open a division that will focus on hospitality and tourism very soon. They teach a full curriculum – music, sports, mathematics, English etc.

I never tire of the beautiful colors of the life here.

Nor of the surprises! Today we had another earthquake. I was again on the second floor, this time out on my balcony talking on my cell phone. Here is Esmeralda on my balcony, the patio and garden is below.  I suddenly felt the earth move (not in a good way) and I felt as if I were extremely dizzy and falling. I looked around and saw the hanging plants swaying, the water in the fountain sloshing about and realized it was a tremor (it was about 30 seconds). I ran downstairs which is what I learned in the last tremor, but there is really nowhere to go outside in this house as the garden is very small and all the roof tiles would fall on you. Here I am supposed to get under a heavy table. Esmeralda and I moved the heavy table to a safer area, but there was only one aftershock. It was a 7.6 earthquake in northern Costa Rica, about a 100 miles from here.


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