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Return to Nicaragua

January 31, 2013

I have returned to Granada, Nicaragua.  It is exciting to see the familiar sights and people as well as the new. My experience so far has been more than interesting.IMAG0001

A week before I left, I moved all my computers and email systems from my own server to the cloud. It did not go well and my website is still down unfortunately. The scariest thing was that my two laptops booted up to a blue screen, no icons, nothing!! I finally wiped the C drive on one and re-installed the operating system and Office and packed it up to take to Granada. From here I have re-installed most of the other programs and worked virtually (with the help of my daughter, Jenny) to repair and re-install the other two laptops. IMG_2092My recommendation is to never make major changes before an international trip. Luckily the internet has been reliable except for the day we had no electricity.

IMG_2077Twenty four hours before I arrived, I received an email from my host family saying they could not take me. So I was homeless and computer-less. I emailed the owner of the school who had helped me with the arrangements and he found me another home. I am living with a family for two weeks and tomorrow will move to a large house that I am renting with a friend for the month of February. Two totally different experiences.

IMG_2190I find there is great value in living with Nica’s in that you are constantly immersed in Spanish. I did not use Spanish during my four months in the US, so it was very rusty (and it was not that great when I left). My family is an older couple who are retired. Their grandsons who are 8 and 4 years old visit frequently so I get to interact with them. This is wonderful because they are patient and repeat things for me so I can learn to pronounce them correctly. IMG_2192

The house is typical Nica, small with no windows on the inside as it is built up against the neighbor’s house. I have a good-sized room with a private bath, a wall on the hallway side that does not reach the ceiling and two beds and a closet. The wall has an opening IMG_2112with shutters that lets air in from the hall.  There is  an opening to the sky in the middle of the house, similar to colonial houses but no garden and it is not very big. The floors are tile. They also have a small dog.IMG_2113

My first week I spent much time reuniting with my friends from last year and taking my Spanish classes. I have been diligent with the classes because I am only here two months this time and want to improve quickly. I brought a large IMG_2080suitcase with 50 pounds of items to give away – children’s and adult clothing, shoes, toys, art supplies, etc. My friends got first choice for their children or themselves, it was a little like Christmas all over again and a lot of fun. I lugged a six pound laptop (when you are limited to 50 pounds you are aware of the weight) for my tutor who was thrilled. It has wi-fi and she has had to go to an internet cafe to do some of her Skype teaching, so she hopes to be able to do so in her home now.IMG_2081

I also managed to fall off a curb into the street and scrape up my knee and hand, blood everywhere. As I was lying there in the gutter, the wind knocked out of me, I saw hands reaching toward me. They helped me up, got me a chair to sit in on the sidewalk, brought me water, and IMG_2087even put medicine on my bleeding knee. So nice!! Then they walked me to the corner. It was an extended family and the grandmother was just sitting there in a rocking chair watching all this. I can only imagine what she was thinking.

Tonight my host asked me why I had so many maletas (suitcases) and I explained that one was just for Nicas. I don’t have anything for little boys (her grandsons) except toys which I had given them, but she looked through it and took much of the clothing for herself and her adult children and some little girls who live in an area of Nicaragua that is cooler than Granada. I had several long sleeve tops that are too hot for here.  More later on activities so far.IMG_2188


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  1. Harry permalink

    Hurrah!!! Your back. Keep up the interesting blogging.


  2. Maureen permalink

    Love to hear about all of your adventures, Marty!


  3. I finally made it to Nicaragua last year and fell in love with the country and the people. Everything and everybody is beautiful there. The way of life there is very pleasant and at ease, I’m hoping to make my way back again towards the end of this year.

    Enjoy your time there! : )


  4. Linda Tamulaites permalink

    Marty, it is so good to hear from you. I thought this was when you said you were going back. As always your blog if so interesting. I cringe to think of a blue screen on a computer. Glad you are able to get things back. It would freak me out. Your knee looks terrible. I hope it healed up quickly. Those boys are adorable. Take care of yourself and have good adventures….Linda


    • Hola LT,

      SO great to hear from you, miss you. I am having a great time, knee looks pretty good but hurts when bending. 😦 Moved to big house I am renting with Judy Gilbert for Feb. yesterday. Will have the boys over for a dip in the pool, they do not know how to swim and the pool is tiny but…………. Will be fun. I am only here until mid March, back for couple weeks (have a DC job for 3 days) then off until end of July, not here, not sure where yet.

      How are you, what is happening? I have a lot to write about but just have not had time to do so. Love to hear your news. Hugs, M


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