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Crisis averted

February 9, 2013


It is hard to complain when you are living in a beautiful colonial city and your friends at home are facing two feet of snow, but I can try. I woke up this morning with about twenty new bites on my arms and legs and blood on the sheet from one of them.  Ugh.  I have been plagued by bites on my feet and hands this trip but have not had them on the rest of my body. MosquitoesIMG_2259 perhaps?

Today is hot! Now I do know it is hot in Granada and I like hot weather, but it has been so pleasant that it was a shock. I leave my windows open at night and today had the curtains open so the sun woke me up shining in my face. Not that that is a bad thing, but I was hot before I even got out of bed.IMG_2211

So I had my coffee and some fruit, then a pleasant surprise of some pineapple “turnovers” that my friend Judy went to get at the panaderia (bakery). Our tutor, Flavia, arrived for our lessons and she told me I need to be talking in complete sentences instead of just short phrases. It was a hard lesson on “decir” (to say/tell) and reflexive pronouns. This is something we use all the time and I need to know how to do it correctly.

This afternoon I was working on repairing my website (it got infected by malware in addition to all the other problems it has  been through in the last three weeks). I thought the site was fixed (thanks Mick), but it still has issues-so frustrating. Suddenly there was knocking on our huge wooden door and two men were asking for a person we did not know.IMG_2277 Apparently they were here to cut off the cable TV and internet (aargh!) because the bill was unpaid.

Once we were able to comprehend the crisis, we found the phone number of the rental agent and I think they called her. I still do not know what happened, but we have internet which is all I care  about. They put a big extension ladder against the side of the house, climbed up and did somethings with the wires, got down, said don’t worry and left. OK, I am not worrying and IMG_2272hopefully that is what they actually said.


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  1. Linda Tamulaites permalink

    I can not imagine living through all your adventures – bugs, internet, computers…ugh! Meanwhile, I just went cross country skiing today. We had a nice 4-6 inch beautiful snowstorm with hardly any wind while my daughter in law Karen and her sons Jaxon and Tristan in RI have no electric – might get it Wed so were huddled in bed by 6PM tonight. Michael is in MIA in 80 degrees – he is always away for snow storms.
    Judy is there with you, that is great. Have a ball…..Hope you get this. I commented on your last post…….Love getting them…….Linda


  2. Harry permalink

    Finally… it’s good to hear from you. Glad that you are settling in and getting organized. I look forward to hearing more about your adventures! Harry


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