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My back yard

February 10, 2013

Buena Vista corredor1Logically you know any city has some “normal”, not so beautiful spots but you rarely see them in traveler’s photos and certainly not in promotional material. Here is a look at my new house in Buena Vista corridor2Granada and a view of the everyday aspects.

We have a very pretty and big colonial style house on the edge of the “center” of town. It is about six blocks from the Central Parque and cathedral  maybe 10 minutes walk. IMG_2285IMAG0007

The house is built at the edge of an arroyo which is a big ditch with a small stream going through it (except for the really dry months).  This is public property I think and cattle, IMG_2318
horses, tons of trashIMG_2314
and a few people inhabit it.  It is considered dangerous as criminals and drug dealers use it as a pathway. Gossip has it that our house has been robbed several times.  Therefore the house comes with a guard 24/7 (in theory only).


Since our house is right on the arroyo we have a high wall (very common anyway) and on top barbed concertina wire.IMG_2284IMG_2283 Here are some photos of the back wall. See the broken glass on top of the chimney? IMG_2317The guy with the machete is our neighbor chopping down a small tree. The arroyo is IMG_2286about 50 feet away from our house so there is flat land to graze and walk.

Here is the gate to my bedroom which is on the second floor. I took most of these photos from my balcony.

Here is a view from my window to the rest of the house – you can see the kitchen, dining room and the pool is to the right. IMG_2207It is all open to the outdoors as the weather is always warm.

Buena Vista corridor2

IMG_2308Finally, a view of our neighbor’s laundry drying on their front fence. We have a line around the garden area about 6 or 7 feet high, huh?


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  1. Maureen Shaw permalink

    Marrty thank you for sharing this! It’s great to be able to visualize your daily life in these surroundings.


    • Thanks Maureen, more to come. So interesting here. Hope you did not have too much trouble with all that snow!


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