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February 10, 2013

I just finished video chatting with my brother in Kansas City and the connection was almost as good as in IMG_1658Boston. We used a Hangout on Google, very similar to my experiences on Skype.  I use Skype Phone frequently to call for my business as well as personal. You can call a land or cell line and usually the connection is excellent. The surprise is that you are not isolated just because you are thousands of miles from home.

IMG_2101Many Nicas still do laundry by hand. They have a large concrete sink and washboard where they wash and rinse the clothes, then they hang them on a line to dry. IMG_2198IMG_2105IMG_2199Even the new houses like I am in now don’t always have a dryer although most have a washer. Of course you have to be a rocket scientist to use it. IMG_2324My maid told me the two buttons to push so it only takes one hour instead of five hours. Whoa! Then you hangIMG_2326 the clothes on the very high line on the patio.

IMG_2210Most colonial houses have a pool. Ours is quite small but nice. They have to be cleaned almost daily because of the many flowers and leave that blow into them. A lot of work, but great for cooling off quickly.

Many Nicas have their big meal in the middle of the day, then they rest for an hour or two and work again mid afternoon onward.IMG_2276 IMG_2201  For dinner/supper they have a small meal around 7pm or so. Breakfast is usually hearty too.  IMG_2187 IMG_2075 More like the US fifty years ago when it was more agricultural.

Typical Nica houses are smaller than the colonial houses that most tourists rent. They are built a little differently. IMG_2094In my house the bedroom I was in had a “window” to the hallway(behind the flowered curtain) but no opening to the outside. The wall did not reach the ceiling, there was an 8-10″ opening to the hall and more on the interior wall which was to the other bedroom and bathroom. My house did have an opening to the sky in the middle of it, but no garden. The floors were of tile.

So much time is spent cleaning in any house because of everything being open and all the dust during the dry season – as in this colonial.

IMG_1156The trash truck comes just like at home except that a person bangs on a bell on the side of the truck to let people know they are arriving. Men take the trash bags and IMG_2111buckets and empty them into this blue truck.

Animals run freely – horses, cows, dogs and especially chickens. This mother hen and her babies were outside my family’s house every morning. IMG_2096The eggs they lay are called “huevos de amor” or eggs of love.IMG_2099


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