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South Carolina fun

February 11, 2013

I again flew to Nicaragua from Atlanta where I live part-time. Last year, Delta was practically empty, but I did meet a woman from Idaho that I took several excursions with while I was there – she sat across the aisle from me.IMG_2034 This year the plane was full, but until the last 2 minutes I had the row to myself. How lucky can you get? Well, not to be..still lucky, but a full row.IMG_2035

I was next to a family (all adults) IMG_2119from South Carolina who were also traveling with two friends of the father. They were visiting Granada for two weeks and for the daughter it was her first trip out of the USA.  Wow, to start your travels with a trip to Nicaragua?!  I was impressed.

They were all talking among themselves – two in my row and the rest in the row in front. I was reading and feeling a bit like a fifth wheel.   IMG_2225When the refreshments came by they offered me a glass of wine and we all started talking and really didn’t stop for two weeks. They were staying at a small hotel (La Islita) where my friends from Boston stayed last year. I told them about some things IMG_2140to do in Granada as this was their first visit, gave them my contact information and we went our separate ways.

Lucky me, they contacted me to see if I wanted to join them for some activities and I did so as long as we could work around my daily Spanish classes. What a blast and so educational. I felt like I was interacting with two cultures – Nicaragua and Southern. Honestly, I often had to ask them to repeat themselves as it was like hearing a different language.IMG_2052 IMG_2060IMG_2043IMG_2057IMG_2041
I was reminded of what a huge country the US is and how differently we see things in different parts of the country. City of Boston meets small town South Carolina.IMG_2071

I also was reminded that we are all alike in so many ways. With these folks I saw laughter, fun, kindness, caring, adventure, humility, courage, generosity and adaptability  We went zip lining on Mombacho volcano, took the roughest Isletas IMG_2178tour ever – with waves so big they broke into the boat, visited many restaurants, IMG_2170walked the city, drove to San Juan del Sur to put our feet in the Pacific Ocean (a first for some), and drove to the mountains north of Granada to visit Matagalpa and Selva Negra.  These are some photos of the fun we had IMG_2153IMG_2074together!IMAG0012

My takeaway from this experience (and last year’s) is that to fully live our life we must be flexible and open to other people and experiences. And hardest for me, adapt our plans when an opportunity presents itself. Oh, and be lucky with your seat assignment!IMG_2157


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  1. Cathy Wiley permalink

    Been thinking about you the last few weeks.
    So glad you are not in the snow!


  2. Caroline permalink

    Nice to read Marty. Good to see how much you enjoy Granada and Nicaragua again.


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