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Random Observations

February 16, 2013

IMG_2302Granada has a Harley “convention” in February. Last weekend the streets were filled with bikes and bikers enjoying the warm weather.IMG_2299

Saw a guy sitting on the top step of an old school bus that was parked at the curb, brushing his teeth and spitting into the street.

I have seen men using the streets and sidewalks as their bathroom, and not just for the obvious.

IMAG0011Many funerals are held in a manner similar to New Orleans. The casket is hand-carried through the streets to the church with a procession of mourners.  After the service the casket is placed in a beautiful wooden horse-drawn coach and often  drawn slowly through the streets, with the mourners walking behind – along with a “band” playing sad music. Yesterday the coach was followed by motorcycles, cars and some horse-drawn carriages.IMG_2266

Horse and carriage or wagons are very common here and used both for people transportation and for work. This horse is backing up the wagon which is full of IMG_2267construction materials, on the main pedestrian street – Calle Calzada.

The electricity and water have been on much more reliably than last year. We did have six hours of no electricity recently and today there was no water for several hours this morning. You do have to plan ahead here. There are reserve water tanks in many houses, but the water only works on the bottom floor and only cold water.

In the house of the family that I lived with for the first two weeks we only had cold water, this is very common and not that bad as the water is not really cold.  I never got sick, so you can get dishes clean with soap and cold water.

IMG_2223The school where I have been studying for a year now has a restaurant in the area where we held classes.  The good news is I have class in the morning and they do not open until noon. Things are constantly changing in Granada, especially theIMG_2222 restaurants.

We had a fabulous meal on the dock at Lake Nicaragua. A surprise at such a casual restaurant.

El Zaguan is one of the best steak restaurants in Granada, always top rated. BUT they will not allow separate checks for a large party. What? I went in with a party of eight and we wanted three checks and they would not accommodate us unless we actually sat at separate tables. One person left because they were so mad, but the rest of us stayed and sat at separate tables. Ridiculous!

IMG_2220The female manager of the Gran Francia Hotel is fabulous. She is a bundle of energy and a ton of fun. We met her the day she was jet lagged from a return trip from Europe.IMG_2224

There are several very beautiful hotels in the old section of Granada – the Hotel Dario, Gran Francia and La Colon are old homes that have been turned into hotels. They have beautiful old tiles and wood. The rates for a double are around $100/night which is expensive for Granada although it includes breakfast.IMG_2303

I frequently ran into people I knew from last year the first few weeks I was here. Granada is a small town.

IMG_2205When your Nica friends come to visit you must spend time with them. At home, I might say I am busy but here that is not acceptable and usually people just come to your door.  You invite them in and serve refreshments.IMAG0017 Most people love Coca Cola and galletas – which are cookies or crackers. I have been serving salted crackers and a cookie like an Oreo. Then you talk for an hour or so.  Nothing is fast in Nicaragua, which is actually a very nice change.


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  1. Harry permalink

    Are the Harley people local or are they coming from other countries?


    • The Harley people are Nicaraguans according to the license plates on their bikes. Kinda interesting huh? I saw them last year on the road when I was taking a bus to Costa Rica. I think they do rides through Central America.


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