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Masaya Nica Market

February 17, 2013

My friend Judy and I took the bus IMG_2340 IMG_2338to the Masaya market this Friday. The bus leaves whenever it is fairly full, from a station about a block from our house. The cost is 50 cents and the trip takes about 20 minutes. You can buy snacks for the trip at a small stand.


IMG_2339IMG_2342We got off at a stop on the highway where we met our tutor, Flavia. On the walk to the market we saw many interesting businesses. The truck holds building blocks made of natural materials for houses. IMG_2346 IMG_2344

The rose color on the statue in a park is the First Lady Rosario Murillo’s favorite color.


This market is huge, and has everything from fruits and vegetables, to live animals, meat and fish, clothes, crafts, IMG_2354shoe repairmen, etc. IMG_2353If you need it for everyday living this is the place to find it. IMG_2351 IMG_2358 IMG_2360Most tourists go to the Masaya Artisan Market in town, which is different.

This pig was squealing like crazy, maybe he knew his fate? IMG_2366Many live and dead chickens, fish, seafood. IMG_2372

IMG_2387 IMG_2386


The photo to the right is of various fruit drinks in a plastic bag with a straw. They sell them in bags instead of plastic bottles.


Also pinatas, clothes, baskets, pottery, whatever you want or need.
IMG_2374 IMG_2362 IMG_2363IMG_2393IMG_2389And services – three handsome shoe repairman.

IMG_2391IMG_2395Flavia, our tutor, looking at crafts.

We returned on the “chicken bus” for only 40 cents!


IMG_2398You could buy a snack on the bus or before boarding, but we passed on that. IMG_2396


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  1. Harry permalink

    Is the person in purple your tutor? I noticed her in another picture and I know who Judy is.


  2. Maureen Shaw permalink

    Marty these photos are terrific! Thanks for sharing this.


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