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Mangoes, chickens and nacatamales

March 12, 2013

I moved into my final (third) house the first of the month. IMG_2679IMG_2651This is a large colonial home with several rooms that the family rents out.  I have a big room with a private bath. In the front is a window to the corridor and the door.IMG_2652IMG_2653 This is my only ventilation. There is one other couple here, from Switzerland. They are studying Spanish before IMG_2660they head out to a more rural area to work for an NGO for three years. He is a teacher and she is an occupational therapist.

The house has chickens that are often running around outside their yard. They get into the house and the last IMG_2657few days the rooster has been inside crowing in the early morning. They also have two dogs and parrots. In back is a huge mango tree and a naranja acida (sour orange) tree.  IMG_2582It is mango season and one of the workmen was picking mangoes for the family. IMG_2583It is quite loud as they are constructing a second floor and remodeling the first floor so there are many IMG_2648workmen and lots of hammering, sawing, etc. during the day. I love the location which is two blocks from the main pedestrian street.

The owner of the house, Karla, makes nacatamales some weekends and sells them IMG_2580from the house. They are delicious and not like the tamales we know in the US. IMG_2577They consist of a soft cornmeal type outside filled with meat, potatoes, rice, a little onion, corn, cilantro, garlic and broth.IMG_2669 They are shaped into a rectangle and then wrapped in a plantain or banana leaf and tied. Finally they are steamed in a huge pot for a day and finally are ready toIMG_2664 eat. You eat them for breakfast with coffee or you can eat them later in the day with coca cola. Really good and very filling.IMG_2649

IMG_2658Granada is always interesting and often a lot of fun no matter where you live in the city.IMG_2662


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  1. Nice post of the space and environment. I found it’s quite interesting to view the space/place through different lenses…


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