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May 19, 2013

Walking around Panama City, I was surprised to see this odd sculpture of a woman on her knees in front of a fountain. It appears to be made of wire. Then I noticed the name of the hotel which is the name of the city I lived in while in Nicaragua.

IMG_2900 A few blocks from our apartment and next to the Wyndham Veneto hotel and casino I noticed this sign which says rooms and girls.  I am thinking “what”? but then I see another sign that says erotic massages and then I think “oh”!  Kinda blatant.IMG_2899

This is a wooden paper towel holder in another hotel – the Marriott I think. It was unusual and very pretty. IMG_2889IMG_2886Here is my new lime squeezer, I love the fresh limes here and use them with oil instead of vinegar on my salads.


Here is my closest bus stop on Via España There are very nice, new, air-conditioned buses that run fairly frequently but the stops are pretty far apart compared to Boston for example.  The buses are clean and the ride is only $.25.

The buses are usually very crowded and you are often smashed up against someone. There are metal turn-style gates when you get on and when you get off. You must use a metro bus card – it is a prepaid plastic card, and when you put it against the “reader” it flashes a green light and says how much money is left on your card. At that point you can turn the gate to move into the bus.IMG_2998  You cannot use cash so if your card is out of money sometimes another person will use theirs to get you through the metal gate and you give them a quarter. I love riding the bus as you can see so much as you travel to your destination.  Since I seem to have bad taxi karma, and the traffic is so awful, I prefer to walk if possible or take a bus. Taxi rides are usually $2 per ride (not per person as in Nicaragua) as long as you are in the city.

IMG_2990Yesterday I did end up taking a taxi after waiting for a bus for 20 minutes.  I met a friend at Parillada Jimmy’s – a Panama City restaurant icon.  It lived up to its reputation. We sat on the huge outside porch which with ceiling fans was very comfortable. IMG_3016 I ordered Corvina Jimmys, a local fish with a garlic and oil sauce, and my friend had corvina with a Spanish tomato sauce.  And wine of course, the white wine is often served in a glass that looks like a champagne glass.  It was a wonderful experience. IMG_3017


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