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Around Our House

May 20, 2013

Across the street from our apartment construction has started on a new apartment building. This has been a bit of a surprise to me, although in retrospect it probably should not have been. IMG_3014When I rented the apartment the site was there, but it looked abandoned. There was a big  hole surrounded by a fence with photos of what was to come, no machinery, no workers. I passed by IMG_3029several times during the day and nothing was happening.  Three days after I moved in, gigantic earth moving machinery started appearing and now there are workers and machinery going at it every day but Sunday. I know what the end result will be as it is a twin of the building ,catty-corner from me, that is  already built.

I love this apartment as the location is fabulous as far as being central and the neighborhood has many small restaurant and groceries. The layout is perfect with the living area on the front where much of the noise is and the bedrooms toward the back.IMG_3044 I do have a neighbor in the next building who sings quite loudly (and well) in the evenings.  My bedroom has a huge four door closet against one wall but not a single shelf.  So I hang up everything.

The main bathroom has an interesting contraption that I had not seen before – a hand-held bidet or bidet shower.IMG_3042 I have seen plenty of actual porcelain bidets in Europe but never this.  It is situated next to the toilet and has hot and cold water. There is no lever on the hose so you have to point it where you want it IMG_3043before you turn on the water, otherwise you spray the whole bathroom and probably yourself.
IMG_3046We have the usual concrete sink or pila found in most central american homes in our kitchen.  Next to it is a very modern washer – the model is called Fuzzy Logic. We do have a dryer which is somewhat unusual, but if it is sunny we can just lean out the kitchen window and hang our clothes on these lines. IMG_3047We are on the third floor on the back side of the building (it is on a hill) so we need to hold on tightly when we take clothes on and off the line.  The first day I was here a teenage girl and her grandmother rang my bell and asked to retrieve her socks which had fallen from the floor above onto our line. That was quite the interesting conversation – in Spanish of course. I had no clue why they were there – maybe welcoming me to the building? I finally understood that her “socks fell down” but I could not figure out what that had to do with me.  Finally I got that she wanted to come into the apartment and I figured it was safe, so in she came and went to the kitchen and pointed out the socks on a hanger, caught on my clothesline. I had not even unpacked and did not know we had that clothesline.

Back out to the balcony where we have two new items – one is a large fern that is taller than I am. IMG_3049The other is a fabulous new grill that we are excited to use for grilling some meat this week. Eating out while fun, can really add up as the prices are similar to the US in many cases.  We are looking forward to having some great grilled pork chops or chicken this week.


This is the coffee we have every morning.  It is a local brand and is roasted in a plant about 3 blocks from our apartment. Many afternoons there is the strong smell of coffee, IMG_3045it always makes me want a cup.  The negative to this is that there are tiny coffee particles floating in the air that get all over your floors, counters etc.  As in Nicaragua, it is impossible to keep the apartment clean so we have hired Maria to come twice a week to clean the floors as this has to be done with a wet string mop and takes a lot of strength.


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