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Malls, Buses & Heads

May 24, 2013

Panama City has numerous modern malls and one of the biggest is the Albrook Mall. IMG_2995It is right across from the main bus station and almost all the city buses end up there. I took a bus last weekend to go shopping for some shoes to wear when I need to walk in the heavy rain.  All the mall entrances have a huge animal sculpture, good for remembering where you came in. Mine was a tiger.IMG_3002 IMG_3004IMG_2993

It is just like the US except some stores are not air-conditioned and in some stores they follow you around the entire time. You are always greeted and should definitely reply.  There are several huge discount clothing and shoe stores – women’s tops are $2, sandals are $3-5. Crazy! You cannot take your shopping bags into most store, especially the clothing or department type stores. You must check them at the door or at a kiosk outside the store. There are guards at the entrances of each store to stop you if you don’t.

The bus ride from my area to the mall was most interesting.  Some streets have the street vendors lining the side, just as in parts of Granada, Nicaragua. I saw a small barbershop with three chairs in one of these stalls. IMG_3006

Many of the apartments had their laundry hanging out to dry. I was astonished to see how many satellite dishes there were. I know many Latin American’s love TV, but there were so many even in the modest neighborhoods.

IMG_3003IMG_3007IMG_3005On my ride home I noticed how the area changed to more trees and fewer people. Here are photos of my walk home from the bus stop which is on a four lane highway. IMG_3014I walk by the Cabeza de EinsteinIMG_3010IMG_3011 – a sculpture of Albert Eintein’s head. The El Cangrejo area was first settle by a Jewish population.IMG_3008IMG_3009

Very close by is our Spanish school – Panama Spanish.IMG_3012As I arrived home there were men out in our street shoveling off the dirt from the heavy construction vehicles. IMG_2960


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