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May 25, 2013

El Rey is one of the three large supermarkets in Panama City.  IMG_3039IMG_3040My local store is clean, large and has a good variety of grocery items. Wine, some vegetables and meat are less expensive than in the US.  Frozen food, name brand detergents, paper products are more.IMG_3065 IMG_3066Outside the entrance you can buy a variety of lottery tickets or get an ice cream cone from a McDonald’s ice cream (only) stand. As you carry home your groceries, you still have to fight the traffic. 
Hopefully you will be luckier than this guy.IMG_3051


Panama City has many very modern high-rise buildings.IMG_3034IMG_3052Then you see a street that is built around a tree, or lovely small parks.IMG_3055IMG_3056This park was for children and prohibited dogs from entering. The sign says “For Children, not for the needs of dogs.  As I walked by a IMG_3058couple and their small dog were inside the gate so the dog could take care of his “need”. Happens everywhere.


IMG_3061Next to MetroCentro mall I saw this heron in a creek, not really a surprise as we are right on the Pacific ocean.

This guard never even knew he was busted for sleeping – because he never woke up as I walked by.



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