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Fish Market to Old City

June 17, 2013

After we left the fish market we walked along the bay to Casco Antigua or Casco Viejo which is the old part of Panama City.IMG_3116IMG_3113 There is a new, clean and beautiful paved walkway with a park and performance area on one side.

IMG_3117 IMG_3124 IMG_3118One of the first buildings you come to is the President’s place – where he works not where he lives. While you can walk right up to it you cannot walk down the area in front of it as there is a guard to stop you.

101_1199There are numerous Tourist Police in this area to  help you find your way – they even ask in English if they can help you.

Some of the buildings have been restoredIMG_3122 IMG_3133 IMG_3129 along with the streets which have been re-paved in brick.  Some are still in the process.

The old walls are often exposed during reconstruction. Walls are often made of different size stones which were then covered with a smooth material. Sometimes trees are growing out of these stones.

IMG_3126 IMG_3128IMG_3127 IMG_3131We saw the old with the new or at least the cleaned-up. And the not yet gentrified.

IMG_3143I love old buildings so this was a favorite area for me and I did return the next week to see more.IMG_3134We went in a cute cafe, Casa Sucre, for a snack and surprisingly the owner was from Kansas City and had a coffee table book from there on display.  I loved it!


We ended up having lunch in a great restaurant that my roommate knew – Tantalo.

IMG_3136It has a wall decorated with grasses.IMG_3144IMG_3138

IMG_3141IMG_3140 There is also a roof deck for dining. It gives you a different viewpoint of the city.IMG_3120


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  1. Linda Tamulaites permalink

    Marty, your pictures are superb. I’m with you about the old buildings. Of course, I love what you write also. Such experiences. Sounds like you are having such a good time. I am too, only different. In less than 2 weeks the whole family is going on cruise from NYC to Bermuda. I’ve just been putting on the final touches. So travel is in the air. Have a great time…..Miss you…..Linda


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