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Casco Antiguo (Casco Viejo)

June 18, 2013
Casco Viejo

Casco Antiguo and Casco Viejo both mean Old Town.  IMG_3173IMG_3197This is the old part of Panama City and was built on a peninsula as a walled city to protect it from destruction by pirates. It was settled in the 1670’s and has a lot of Spanish and French colonial architecture making it special in the very modern city of Panama City.



Here are some of the buildings in Casco Viejo. 

I love the way the original residents divide their balcony space from their neighbors. I saw old doors, refrigerators, crib railings and more.IMG_3222IMG_3221

I was lucky to be able to walk into the beautiful national theatre.

More buildings, some open to the public and showing the original foundation.

I had lunch at a beautiful, remodeled cafe. It was very modern, clean lines with glass decorations. The chandelier is made of wine glasses. And the food was great.

These are some of the monuments in the old city, some dedicated to the building of the Panama Canal. The one has a panel that opens and there are tunnels underground to various locations.

And finally, the inside of some of these remodeled buildings.


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  1. reeannalynn permalink

    This is beautiful! I may have to add this to my list of places to travel!


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