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A visit to Trump Tower

July 22, 2013

Early July my friends and I visited the Trump Tower on the Panama Bay.  There are numerous tall buildings in Panama City and many of them line the avenues by the bay. Most are apartment building and many of those apartments are empty. You know this because when you drive by at night only a few have lights on. There are various reasons given for this and I will leave it to you to speculate.

The Trump Tower is using Donald Trump’s name only as I understand it.  It is both a hotel and an apartment building. Very pretty public spaces with an infinity pool and open air bars right on the water.  We had a drink by the ocean and the sunset was beautiful although my camera did not really capture it.

We also went into the residential area by asking to see the furnished apartments they show to prospective buyers. They were really lovely although small.  The views were amazing both of Panama City and of the ocean.  Here are some of them.

It was a fun day that ended in the business center where I was able to use the internet to check on a personal issue that was worrying me. Fortunately all went well with my family member’s operation and I was able to relax.  The business center was difficult to find, even with directions, but once found had little security so we walked right in.  We met an interesting tenant who told us that not many apartments were occupied, and that the area is beautiful but isolated from the rest of the city and very hard to get into and out of.

We would agree because as we left to find a taxi, the few we found wanted exorbitant rates to take us the one mile to our car. I guess if you appear to be staying at the Trump you obviously have money!


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  1. Linda Tamulaites permalink

    Marty – Like old times. You are up at 11:15PM and so am I. There still are not enough hours in the day. I just opened your post and haven’t read it all but it looks really interesting. I thought I was seeing things when you said Trump Tower. He is everywhere.
    I am at the Cape and it is glorious here. 70 degrees tonight, 80 in the daytime. Hope sometime you can come down again.
    Will read your post and enjoy your adventures through you. Have fun…….Miss you, Linda


    • Miss you too LT, and yes, there are not enough hours in the day!! Hugs, MR


    • Hi LT, I replied on the post but don’t know if you get it. Great to hear from you as always. The Cape sounds lovely -how nice. I do miss it, we had some fun times. Have fun!! MR


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