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Portobelo – on the Caribbean coast

July 23, 2013
Portobelo, Colon, Panama

Portobelo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Caribbean coast of Panama in the province of Colon.  It is basically directly opposite Panama City which is on the Pacific coast. I visited this city with a group of women from Who’s New Panama, a group which includes locals and expats from all countries.

Portobelo is a small city that in the past (1600’s-1700’s) had importance in shipping as it has a deep water harbor. It was attacked many times by pirates and suffered in the wars between the Spanish and the English to gain control. We visited the fort at the water’s edge as well as the small museum with artifacts from that time.

Later we had lunch a bit further out-of-town and then took a boat to Isla Grande.  That day was cloudy and soon a big storm came up. Originally it just rained and some of us swam in the water with our umbrellas. A bit in-congruent, but it made sense at the time. On the way back from the island to Portobelo there was strong wind and rain.  Along with the speed of the boat we were all soaked and cold (a shock in Panama). Every single thing in my purse which I thought was somewhat protected under the life jacket was soaked – including my passport.

It was an interesting and fun day, seeing new sites, hearing about the history, making new friends, and learning some new Spanish phrases – all of which I was assured were not really bad language.  My new friends definitely were enjoying themselves teaching me (much laughter) so I am not positive about that!




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