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Panama Viejo

August 12, 2013

Panama Viejo is an area within Panama City that many of us overlook. This is probably because the area is only ruins with not many tourist facilities. It is the original location of the city and has an interesting history.

Panama City was founded by the Spanish in 1519. The city area was on the Pacific Ocean and was on a savanna so that it was easy to feed the populace.  This location of the city was destroyed in 1671 by fire, after the invasion and capture of the city by Henry Morgan, the British pirate. It was never rebuilt and a few years later the city was moved to the area now called Casco Viejo which was about 5 miles to the southwest, also on the ocean. The tower next to the ruins of the cathedral is the best preserved structure.

There are a number of helpful signs that indicate what are seeing and how the original structures probably appeared.  There is also an excellent museum explaining the early history.

It was fascinating to think that I was walking where the original inhabitants of Panama City lived. How interesting to see the very old contrasted with the very new Panama City.


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