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A few things I like about Panama City

August 13, 2013
Panama City

I love that there are a good number of nice public parks – different sizes and with different facilities. Near us (not pictured) is a park with a basketball court, lots of exercise equipment including the instructions on how to use it, a fountain, and a covered area that I often see kids practicing break dancing. There are also paved walking paths and benches for just sitting and enjoying. There are also yoga classes, although I have not seen them, and other activities.

I love the random beauty in the city – the interesting trees and sculptures in the median.

There is an incredible variety of food both fresh and in many types of restaurants. I would love to try them all as Panama City is very cosmopolitan.

I have found it fairly easy to meet people here. Of course we meet other students at our school – Spanish Panama. And there are a number of organizations that offer networking – InterNations, AMSOC, Who’s New, etc.  Most people are very friendly and even patient with my poor Spanish. I will say that I think I learned more Spanish in Nicaragua as many people here in Panama speak English so when i get stuck I ask “habla Ingles?” Very lazy!


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  1. That food looks delicious! Keep speaking Spanish as much as possible and soon you will be thinking in Spanish instead of translating in your mind.


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