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First Impressions of Benidorm/Villajoyosa continued

March 26, 2014

The grocery stores are large and modern and have everything you could want. A popular grocery is named Mercadona.  There is huge store with all sorts of items and groceries about a mile and a half from my apartment. It is called Carrefour. Kind of like Costco.  I bought a new washing machine there (managed that in Spanish!) There are also street markets where you can buy fresh vegetables, eggs, bread, sausage (yum) and cheese, as well as clothes, shoes, jewelery, household items, etc. This occurs every Tuesday and Saturday all year long. Very convenient! After the market is over around 2pm the municipal workers clean and wash the street.

To buy fresh meat you go to the Carniceria, or butcher. You can buy meat in the grocery store like Mercadona or Carrefour as well. 2-2014-03-11 17.42.25


One thing to remember is that most stores and banks are closed from 130pm or 2pm until 430pm or 5pm. Then they are open until 7pm or so. During this break the people eat – usually a large meal like dinner – and visit with each other. All the restaurants are full! They are busy again in the evening starting around 7pm or so. It is light outside here until about 7pm and it does not seem late until it is quite late. I have still not gotten used to it.

You see these metal barriers that prohibit parking in many spaces. You cannot park your car in a space when they are up as they are too high. I am not sure how they work, but I think they lock somehow so a person could not just get out and push it down in order to park. This reminds me of the various barriers we used in Southie in Boston when it snowed – chairs, cones, boxes, trashcans, etc. 7-2014-03-10 13.18.14

Many, many apartments are for sale here “se vende”. You can see the signs in every building as you walk around the area. My apartment is for sale. I did show it to some British folks several times, but they did not buy it.  I am going to move in April anyway. More on that later. 05-IMG_4391


Here are some pictures of my little “town”. It is really just a couple of blocks around this small beach. I can imagine how lovely it will be in summer when it is warm.  Amazingly there are tourists out on the sand even in late March. It is not too cold in the sun and out of the wind.


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    You are an inspiration!!


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