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First Impressions of Benidorm/Villajoyosa

March 26, 2014

The infrastructure is very good. The streets are well maintained, the sidewalks are wide and smooth. There are public playgrounds and lots of benches to sit on along the sidewalks. Street lights work and there is street signage. I guess I am so aware of it after living in Latin America for two years where it is completely opposite.

On almost every street there are large containers that are emptied frequently. The green one is for glass, the gray is for household trash, they yellow for plastic and the blue is for paper. You are responsible for taking your recyclables and trash to these large containers. There is no place in the apartments for trash collection – each person disposes of it outside in these containers. Good idea for keeping varmints out of the buildings.

There are a number of Smart cars here. More surprisingly, there are a lot of mobility scooters in Benidorm.  These are the small motorized ‘carts’ for people who cannot walk well. Apparently you can rent them and there is actually a lane on the street in Benidorm that you can drive them down – not on the sidewalk! They make them for two people also and I have seen a lot of people who look like they could walk riding in them. Perhaps it is because Benidorm is a tourist area and there are a LOT of older people on holiday from Britain and northern Europe.

Most apartments have a washer (front loader) but few have a dryer. It is common to hang your clothes out to dry and generally that works. It is dry in the province of Alicante where I live and sunny most of the time. Even in the winter when the temperatures are in the 50s or 60s the clothes dry. I have a clothes line attached to the wall of my balcony that can be pulled out. There is also a fold up drying rack and an interesting contraption that hooks over a railing.

It is cold here, at least for me. The temperatures are usually in the 60s and I wondered why I felt so cold. I had to buy wool sweaters as I did not bring enough warm clothes. I think it is because there is no central heat. The heater (it also functions as an air conditioner) is on the wall up by the ceiling. You turn it on with a remote to the temperature you designate. Since it is electric, it is quite expensive and not very effective.3-IMG_4532

More observations to follow……


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  1. Charlotte Fetzer Lynch permalink

    Hi, Marty!
    Is this Spain?
    Soooo very interesting!


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