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Climb in the Park

March 29, 2014

Across the street from my apartment is a park. Not really a park in the sense we in the US would think about it.  This is more a preserve – a mini mountain with an old tower at the top. There is a maintained path (I did not use it but later heard about it) to the top, and there are many small paths up the side of this mountain. I thought they were paths and they are usable as such but they are incredibly steep in places.  These paths are how I got to the top of the mountain.

The view from the top is fabulous.  One direction is the city of Benidorm where I have my Spanish classes. To walk there is 3.5 miles and takes about an hour.  The other direction is south along the coast that is dotted with many small beach towns  (this is the Costa Blanca).  You will come to the city of Alicante if you keep going. It is much further (25 miles) and takes one hour twenty minutes by tram (actually a train). Both directions are so beautiful with the contrast of the incredibly blue Mediterranean Sea and the browns,greens, and grays of the land.

The tower was used to watch for pirates and other “problems” coming from the sea. I had hoped to go inside it but that does not seem to be possible. There is an entrance but it is locked up so maybe it is only for maintenance. The view was well worth the climb which left me out of breath and sweaty. The temperatures were only in the 50(F)’s so you can tell it took me some effort to manage it.

Actually the way down was scarier and more treacherous. It was steep-that is one thing going up but another going down, when you are gaining momentum and there is nothing to stop you. I wondered if I had made a mistake going alone and no one knew where I was – but who would I tell? I tripped on a rock and started falling forward but was able to run a few steps and stop myself. A few minutes later I was not so lucky and tripped on a big root as I was stepping over it. I slid downhill and landed sitting down. Not too bad!! Way better than my next two falls that happened in the following weeks and which occurred on concrete. Those have left me with possibly permanent  scars on my arms and knee – big ouch.

I intended to climb up there again but have not made it in the ensuing six weeks and probably won’t. I do a lot of walking but recently most of it is in pursuit of a new apartment in the city of Alicante. Once I move there, next week, my walking will be to go to my Spanish classes, not to enjoy the views.


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