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Semana Santa in Alicante

April 27, 2014

A week of celebrations lead up to Easter here in Spain (and much of the Latin world).  Starting with Palm Sunday, and every day from then until Easter, there are masses and processions and marching bands.


Most of them do not begin until evening. The police close the streets to traffic and sometimes set up seating in the streets.  So many chairs and they are filled!

The parades or processions I saw are not like in the US in that they are quite short, but take a very long time to move along. One main one on Thursday contained only four “shrines” or “floats” (not sure what to call them as humans carried them along. There were several bands and participants dressed in the red robes often with the hood.

There was also a group of women dressed in black with veils, most of these wore high-heeled shoes! I don’t know how they did it as the parade went on for three or four hours, much of it standing around on the concrete streets.

The participants with the robes handed out candy to the children along the route. When the procession stopped, as it did for probably 45 minutes in front of where I was standing, the mothers of some of the participants brought big bags of wrapped candy to refill their daughter’s bags which they had under their robes.

It was like a party, everyone talking to each other and eating snacks they brought.


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