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Boat to Tabarca

May 25, 2014

I recently took the boat to Tabarca, an island off the coast of Spain near Alicante. We left the dock at 11am and arrived about an hour and a half later in Tabarca. It was a very windy day and the captain kept fairly close to the shore so it was not so rough – this made for a longer ride.

Boat to Tabarca 01-IMG_5139
02-IMG_5145 04-IMG_5148
05-IMG_5153 06-IMG_5156

When my niece and I arrived we found only a few people on the island which is quite small. The permanent population is around 60 people making it the smallest inhabited island in Spain. There was a large group of school children though, who were gathered with their teachers listening to some kind of lecture.

08-IMG_5158 09-IMG_5159
07-IMG_5157 12-IMG_5164
10-IMG_5161 17-IMG_5170
11-IMG_5163 28-IMG_5182

I walked around the island and Katie lay on the beach to read.  The beach is pebbly right at the water line but sandy further up. On the walk I saw an old tower and a working lighthouse at the tip of the island. The land is sandy, dry and full of what seemed to be “sagebrush” and cactus and multi colored rocks.  This does not really show up well in the photos.

29-IMG_5184 30-IMG_5186
32-IMG_5188 33-IMG_5189
31-IMG_5187 34-IMG_5191
36-IMG_5200 35-IMG_5196
37-IMG_5204 38-IMG_5205

When I returned to the beach, Katie and I walked through the town and then had lunch at a restaurant full of other travelers and a group of men who had arrived on their own boat.  They were having a great time!

16-IMG_5168 18-IMG_5171
19-IMG_5172 15-IMG_5167
20-IMG_5173 21-IMG_5174
22-IMG_5175 23-IMG_5176

At 4pm we had to run to get to the boat to leave as it took a long time to get our bill and pay (typical). Actually it was no problem as we had to wait for the men to get their boat out of the way.  Our return trip was faster and rougher as we cut directly across to Alicante. With the help of two Bonine, I made it without incident!

26-IMG_5180 24-IMG_5178
25-IMG_5179 27-IMG_5181
39-IMG_5215 40-IMG_5219

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  1. Harry permalink

    I’m glad you didn’t create and international incidents.


  2. Danielle permalink

    Great photos! What an adventure!


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