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First Few Weeks

April 6, 2015

mapI am living in Alicante, Spain which is a medium size city about half way down the eastern coast of Spain. This area is called the Costa Blanca. It is a port city of around 400,00 and is the capital of the province of Alicante in the Valencian community.  Most people speak Castellano (the Spanish we in the US know) but most everyone speaks Valenciano as well (it sounds to me to be a variation of Catalan (spoken in Barcelona and further north). Signs are in both Castilian and Valencian which are similar but different. To my ear, Valenciano sounds somewhat like a mix of French and Spanish.


The weather is fairly mild and can be hot in summer. When I arrived the end of January it was cold – 40s and 50s (Fahrenheit) and I had to buy some warmer tops as I was always cold. Many of the apartments do not have heat so you use a space heater. It is just not the same as central heating! I know that by June or July it will be warm (maybe too warm) but I am having a hard time visualizing my apartment as ever getting really warm. I am in an older building on the 2nd floor (to the US it would be the 3rd floor) with no elevator (good exercise). The floors are tile and while I do get sun it is mostly on my balcony and does not reach far into the building. Here are some friends and me in the “winter”.

There are many fabulous markets with fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, and meats. This means that there must be plenty of eating and drinking to take advantage of all that.

A favorite pastime is to have some tapas and beer or the fabulous (and inexpensive) vino tinto, or many variations of coffee. What you see here is a carajillo – coffee with brandy or other liquor. I often have coffee with my Intercambio people (not carajillo). More on my Intercambios to come, but at home I make my own coffee in a cafetera. It is delicious.


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  1. Norma Olivier permalink

    Sounds wonderful, Marty! Miss you. Have not heard anything from Dale. Had good visit to Florida. Awful winter here. Spring is coming! Coming back? Love Norma



    • Norma, miss you too. Hope you were in FL during the worst of the weather. Be back in August. Hugs, M


  2. Oooo I bet that coffee is delicious!!!


  3. Ooooo i bet that coffee is delicious!


  4. Harry permalink

    Glad your writing again. At least now I know what continent your on.


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