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Alicante, Spain – new eyes #1

April 13, 2015

Living in Alicante, Spain (midway, east coast of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea) from April through July last year allowed me to become familiar with the city and with some of the surrounding towns.  Now that I have returned, I am not as surprised at things as I was when I first arrived –  even though I live in a different area of the city.  Here are some photos from last year of aspects of the city that surprised me when I saw it through “new eyes”.

First the beach (Mediterranean Sea) which is right in the city, it was a 7 minute walk from my apartment last year. Just to the left of the harbor.

Then there is the beautiful harbor, also right in town and with many, many yachts. I loved walking along the boardwalk that went by both the harbor and the beach.

A view from above of the harbor and the beach. Most of these are from Santa Barbara Castle.

There are the many fountains in the city and the beautiful esplanade.

And then there are the many and varied trees and plants here.

I love this city, there are so many beautiful places to walk and the weather is nice almost all year.  It is cool in the winter (40-60F) and warms up mid-April (70F +).  More to come on this interesting city.


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